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Roots with South Asian Today: Media diversity in Australia is long overdue

Season 02, Ep 04: In conversation with Mariam Veiszadeh, new CEO of Media Diversity Australia

Australian media is overwhelmingly Anglo-Celtic and European. Why is a country that claims to be multicultural found to be white-dominated time and time again?

In the podcast's fourth episode, we speak with Afghan-Australian lawyer and the brand new CEO of Media Diversity Australia, Mariam Veiszadeh.

Mariam was born in Afghanistan, and she came to Australia in 1990 with her family as a refugee. She talks about what her vision to diversify Australia's journalism sector is, when does she feel seen, and whatever shall happen to the many international students who come to Australia to study media but are not qualified to apply for any internships or cadetships - much like our host, Dilpreet.

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About the author

Dilpreet is the founder of South Asian Today. More about her can be found here.