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Roots with South Asian Today: The (un)sexy of internet gender education

Season 02, Ep 06: In conversation with Dr Varuna Srinivasan

Our guest is sex educator and gender justice activist Dr Varuna Srinivasan. Varuna is a bisexual South Asian woman who breaks down myths, stereotypes and shame around sexual health. 

Varuna and I have a bunch of similarities which makes this episode really easy to listen to. We are both raised in India, both now migrated to the West and both consider ourselves “children of the internet”. We talk about how different it is to use the internet as people who literally got it in the first place, what is (un)sexy in talking about gender online as a woman and how important is financial and racial status when it comes to sexual health. 

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Dilpreet is the founder of South Asian Today. More about her can be found here.




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