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Roots with South Asian Today: Faultlines always existed - COVID just exposed them

Season 02, Ep 11: In conversation with Samantha Ratnam

The last two years have been tough for most of us in Australia. The impact of COVID and multiple lockdowns have many struggling to keep a check on both their mental health and identity crises. 

Why were so many international students, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees left behind during such a difficult time? 

Why should anyone have to be resilient to ask for basic needs? 

To get answers to some of her questions, Dilpreet speaks with Samantha Ratnam, Leader of the Victorian Greens. This interview is a part of our new series 'Coping with COVID', where we aim to highlight the mental, physical, social and financial recovery of South Asians in Australia post lockdowns. 

Tune in! 

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Co-produced by: Yohaan Prem Sharma

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Dilpreet is the founder of South Asian Today. More about her can be found here.