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Photos: Aurat March Pakistan 2020

Despite backlash, women's march in Pakistan successfully took place for the third time

The third Aurat Azadi March (Women's Freedom March) took place in Pakistan on 8th March, 2020. Women from all over Pakistan took part and joined hands in solidarity against a system that has been oppressive since its inception.  They took to the streets and protested wage gaps, sexual harassment laws and discrimination that the gender and religious minorities face in the country. The religious clerics of the country also took to the streets and attacked the marching women and pelted them with stones in the capital city, Islamabad.


The Aurat March Pakistan is an intersectional feminist collective that comes together every year to mobilize women and non binary people from all walks of life and contest their basic human rights in an organized rally.


Despite violent backlash, the March successfully took place with thousands attending in different cities of the country.


Journalist Manal Khan attended and took some pictures for South Asian Today to capture the sentiment.









About the author

Manal is a multimedia journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She covers issues of gender, society, and indulge in essays on culture.

Instagram: @manalkhaan7 / Tweets: @manalkhan07




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