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Golden Ticket

"This life is a token"


And born to believe 

That this life is a token.

Received a free pass

For luxury across the ocean

Now I stop to think 

Passed the commotion 

And I wonder if I would be

Half as much me,

If I had been void of all my obstacles 

Been handed everything I need

A free pass in this new world,

And I’m living it 

Like I found a golden ticket.


Main artwork produced by South Asian Today's designer, Charanja Thavendran, @tararaemerd

About the author

Ashwini is a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne. Being raised in Canada with an Indian heritage has been both challenging and rewarding. She has struggled to navigate the complex realities and expectations from my family and in society, with constant reminders of her limitations as a person of colour or as a woman. Today, more than anything, she wishes to expand her own horizon and those of other women, with education and understanding.