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Artwork by Sahana Arun
Covid Baby: Becoming Amma and Appa during a pandemic

I could not have fathomed how lonely it would be to become a parent in these times

On Love: South Asian men should tell their friends they love them

"Men find it difficult to say I love you in a non-romantic way"

On Love: I no longer hide my brown parents

"There is a fear in me to bring white people over"

On Love: Selfish enough to choose myself

"I know my parents love me, but they’ll never fully understand me"

On Love: Turning 30 won't be my "gay death"

“I was told on dates that my race was what they found desirable”

On Love: Toughening up for vulnerability as a new mother

"I won’t lose my cool with a child that’s relying on me for everything she needs"

On Love: Learning to be ethically non-monogamous

"A younger me didn’t get it – I placed love on lofty, over-romanticised pedestals"